Mobilizing the Faithful

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Faith & For the Sake of All educates faith and conscience communities about disparities in health and other life outcomes between African American and white St. Louisans, and engages them in theological reflection and action steps to address those disparities.


The workshop


The workshops broadly look at For the Sake of All or Segregation in St. Louis: Dismantling the Divide. For the Sake of All uses multiple sources to demonstrate a relationship between race and outcomes in health and wellbeing. Segregation in St. Louis uses data to illuminate the systematic exclusion of African American families from areas of opportunity in St. Louis. Mobilizing the Faithful covers some topline findings, as well as the report recommendations.


The workshops call participants to reflect on faith-based quotations and questions to develop a personal understanding of how For the Sake of All and Segregation in St. Louis findings intersect with faith and/or conscience.


The report and its intersection with faith and conscience engenders the question, “How are we called to respond?” Participants join in an exercise to identify which action steps they might take in conjunction with Faith & For the Sake of All Get Involved Partners who are doing evidence-based work around the report recommendations. Participants might also join in our Advocacy Forums where they will receive tools to dismantle racism by becoming advocates for systemic change.






Faith & For the Sake of All Liaisons work with congregations to prepare for and present the workshop, and provide on-going support in connecting congregations to information, reflection, and action.

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